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Organized Obstacles

....Because sometimes our Obstacles are Organized for our OPPORTUNITY.

Losing weight is hard.

Losing weight while dealing with major obstacles is almost impossible.

The 2nd book in the Organized obstacles series reveals the stories of those who laughed in impossible’s face while on their weight loss journey. This book chronicles several real life stories of those who share their weight loss stories with the world. How they did it, obstacles they overcame and how they are maintaining their incredible weight loss journey.

This anthology does not just chronicle the stories who have lost weigh but it also includes healthy recipes and effective workouts to help you get started on your road to health.

Book Release: Fall 2016

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Clearly the Underdog is one who has been misinterpreted, misunderstood or mistaken. Challenges come to many but it is the underdog who absorbs the shock or impact of those challenges and turns them into opportunities. These individuals utilize his or her stumbling blocks as stepping stones to reach goals and attain that which were not privy to him or her under normal circumstances.

For each story in this book, you will read about individuals who have faced tragedies and turned them into triumphs; those who have been a victim yet are now victorious. You will read about instances of despair, situations so difficult which have catapulted each author into living a life of success.

Organized Obstacles: The Underdog Anthology is a collection of real life stories from those who share their unwillingness to become trapped in what society said they “should have” been or “could have been.” They refuse to remain at the bottom. They refuse to take average as the norm. They beat the odds, they overcame and they blazed their own path where there was not one; as a result their obstacles have been organized for their opportunity.