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Organized Obstacles

....Because sometimes our Obstacles are Organized for our OPPORTUNITY.


some may know her as The Success Instigator but before that she was known as Blind, Broken and Bankrupt.

To understand the woman, you must understand her “story”:

At the age of 5 an accident left her BLIND in one eye….

At age 25 she was left BROKEN as a Single Mother….

At age 34 a loan scam left her to file BANKRUPTCY….

Despite these 3 B’s…she became:

*Owner of Signature Notaries; A Nationwide Notary Network

*Founder of Project PUSH, Inc.

*Amazon Kindle Best Seller…TWICE

*Power Speaker, Biz Innovator and Success Instigator

Rhonda uses her story and life lessons to instigate others how to P.U.S.H…Pursue Until Success Happens!

Angel Miller Barrino is a lover of God and people. She is a multifaceted entrepreneur who began her journey as a young girl selling Girl Scout cookies, candy bars and other items. She believes in and breathes entrepreneurship. She is an avid writer, psalmist, and speaker using her gifts to inspire others on a daily basis. She is the owner of Angel B. Enterprises LLC, the parent company for several businesses providing health, spirituals and marketing strategies. Additionally, she is the owner of The Praise Network Greensboro, a full media broadcasting site which encompasses radio and television. She is the author of the Best Selling book His Purpose My Praise released in September 2010. Through her platform she wholeheartedly supports entrepreneurs, Independent authors and gospel artists, helping them gain exposure and enhance their projects. In her spare time she enjoys walking, designing jewelry and spending time with loved ones.


Foreword by Lucinda Cross

Lucinda Cross known as the Activator, a Professional

and Personal Development Coach. She is a best selling

author of The Road to Redemption: Overcoming Life’s

Detours Obstacles and Challenges, nationally known

speaker, seen in Ebony Magazine, ABC Money Matters,

NBC, Daily News, NY 1, Dr. Oz, Black Enterprise, The

Tom Joyner Morning Show and the Al Sharpton Show. !

Lucinda Cross is the person women call when they are

ready to leverage and monetize their expertise and

message all while creating products, programs and a

signature brand. Over the past decade, she has

discovered surprising trends about why certain people

and businesses succeed. Today, Lucinda teaches how to

communicate and captivate in a noisy world with a short attention span and the tendency to procrastinate.

Jason Zaragoza

Jason Zaragoza became a radio disc jockey at the age of fifteen. With several awards in radio and a passion for No-bake cookies, he currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He hosted a Morning show in the Contemporary Christian Music genre for many years and served as an announcer in the pop and country genres as well. Both as a student and a professional, he honed his craft and learned a lesson or two about giving back to his community. With a degree in Communications as well as Network Systems Administration, he hopes to one day be a college instructor and a radio show host for another station that promotes community outreach. Jason has had the opportunity to interview several of his childhood heroes as well as music artists. He is a father to three beautiful children and believes that in the scheme of things, this is his greatest accomplishment and mission.

Emelia Adjei

Emelia Adjei is a mom-preneur, certified self-development coach, author, emerging motivational speaker and philanthropist. She’s originally from Ghana –West Africa. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration/Global Management. She’s a Christian, kingdom minded and passionate about spreading the goodness and greatness of God.

She’s worked for Fortune500 companies, gaining extensive and innovative business skills. After several years working in corporate sector, she realized she was not fulfilling her passion and purpose of mentoring, coaching, and motivating people to reach their fullest potential. She’s dedicated to use her life experiences to empower and inspire others to pursue their dreams and reach their fullest potential.

She’s driven, authentic and a down to earth person. She’s compassionate, has a big heart of giving and sharing. She volunteers her time and service to shelter home and non-profit organizations. She’s constantly reinventing herself and setting new goals. Her hobbies are reading, organizing and enjoying the outdoors.

Emelia is thankful and humbled by the opportunities and blessings God has given her. Her goal is to inspire, inform, transform and make a difference.

Cason Bolton

Cason Bolton is from Bogalusa Louisiana, move to California when he was eight weeks old where he was raised in Compton, California with his parents and brother. Cason has always had a passion for writing poetry, and motivational speaking, and self empowerment to those who have found his writings, inspirational, and very encouraging. Over the years Cason have spoken to various organizations, empowering change to staff and departmental heads through these companies, and various Churches. Cason has also been a very successful business owner over the years, and have co-pastured churches, and have been on various advisor boards to help direct growth focused groups to move into a direction that would help facilitate positive change in the direction which he has always had focused. In 2004 Cason moved to Charlotte North Carolina with his then employer Bank of America, where he was employed as an Assistant Vice President over the Legal Department Records Management compliance division. In 2008 Cason was injured in an auto accident that caused him loose his left leg above the knee and his right leg broken in 3 places. Cason had many months of therapeutic recovery that only gave him the strength he need to continue his empowerment, and volunteer as a mentor for various hospitals across the Carolinas. I also am a “Life Coach” to those who want change or need help understanding life.

Richelle Shaw

Richelle is the leading expert and authority in building successful million dollar businesses. Richelle’s experience comes from building her first business to $36 million, losing it all after the 9/11 World Trade Center Tragedies, then, successfully rebuilding her million dollar company in approximately 5 months. As the only female African American public utility owner in the nation, Richelle has won local and national awards including Top Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, Woman Marketer of the Year 2010 from Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle of 20,000 members and Unstoppable Woman for the Women’s Leadership Counsel. She was named one of the Top 25 People to Follow on Twitter from Become Your Own Boss Network and one of the Top 10 African Americans to Follow on Twitter 2011 from Black Enterprise Magazine. She was also nominated for the GreenLeaf Award, Top 50 Collection Professionals and the Top 40 Under 40 when she was 27.

After writing the book, How to Build A Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas- Without the Casinos, Richelle set on a journey to help entrepreneurs build their own million dollar businesses. Since 2007, Richelle has successfully mentored over 12,140 men and women in her international coaching program designed to help take business ideas and make them a business reality.

Richelle’s first consulting client after writing her book, was an OB/GYN. Richelle resisted by saying, who wakes up and says, I can’t wait to go to the gynecologist? BUT, as an outsider Richelle was able to see things others didn’t. She created over 38 systems in his business to increase revenue from $384k to $1.2 million in 9 months.

Richelle is also a mentor for Make Mine A Million, an expert content contributor on multiple internet sites and featured in over 30 publications including Inc, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Smart Money, plus the covers of Collection Advisor, Mom’s In Business and MOMEO Magazines.

From June, 2012 – October 2013, Richelle served as the President of the National Association for Moms In Business representing 15 million Moms in Business and is now the featured Money expert – AKA The Money Honey for the #1 Morning TV Show Fox local affiliate MORE Show.

Richelle’s new book - Laser Focus – How to change your business in 100 days is set to hit stores in early 2014.

Ronald Roseboro

Ronald Zion Roseboro is the prolific author of The Freedom Project. The Freedom Project consists of three books: Is there a Samson in you? When a man becomes A MAN, and A Practical Guide: How to succeed after your sentence. Zion is a radio host, freelance writer, speech writer, magazine and newspaper columnist, empowerment specialist, spoken word poet, and minister of the gospel of the risen Christ. He is committed to upholding the integrity and standard of empowerment writing through equipping others to live a life of hope, healing, freedom, and victory.

Sally Meadows

Sally Meadows is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, author, entrepreneur, and educator who has spent a lifetime setting challenges for herself and overcoming numerous obstacles. Although she has been making music for a long time, including being on or leading worship teams for almost 20 years, in 2013 she could no longer resist the call to pursue the arts on a full-time basis. Over the last few years, Sally has released two CDs, been shortlisted for or received a number of honours and awards, seen her creative non-fiction and journalistic writing published, and continues to delightedly pursue God’s call on her life, step by step. Sally is an Artist-Ambassador for Compassion Canada, which partners with local churches in 26 countries to spread the gospel and release children from poverty in Jesus’s name.

Sandra Dubose

Sandra Dubose is clearly on her way to becoming the next multimedia sensation. This multitalented artist known as The Bald Beauty Queen of Self-Esteem, is a nationally sought out inspirational speaker and patient advocate for women’s health. Sandra has an inspiring personal story that has made history, and national headlines. Sandra boldly shares her compelling story and expertise on the subject of self-development in her book, “My Crown and Glory- It’s NOT About the Hair: Six Fundamental Principles to Heal Emotional Wounds and Build Healthy Self-Esteem.”

At the age of 25, Sandra was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Alopecia Areata which resulted in the complete loss of all of the hair on her scalp and body. She was forced into a compelling journey of self discovery and self acceptance, and has emerged a living example that true beauty originates from within and shines brightly on the outside. Sandra is the Liberation Life Coach. She teaches women how to transform their pain into power, put down their emotional baggage and unlock the door to their freedom with greater self-esteem.

As a testament of her courage and star power as a vocalist, in March 2011, Sandra competed bald in a statewide beauty pageant, and won the crown of 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina, making history as the 1st Bald Beauty Queen of North Carolina. She is the President of her own company, Dubose Entertainment and the founder of the Alopecia Community of the Triangle.

Sandra is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2012 Radical Woman Award and the 2013 SWIBA Inspirational Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This positive role model and youth mentor is being the change she wants to see in this world, and paving the way for others to do the same.

Desiree Bonner

The Psalmist... Anointed, Expressive, Energetic and Spirit-filled!

Saved by God’s Grace in 1990 and then Sanctified by His Holy Spirit, Desireé endeavors to sing and write songs of worship and praise focused on God and Him glorified.

Throughout her spiritual journey, she has functioned as a Choir Director, Worship Leader, Deaconess and Pastor of Music. She is a formally trained Vocalist and Percussionist.

Desireé operates in the Body of Christ as a Psalmist; a Levitical and Evangelistic call with Prophetic and Apostolic mantles. And, through the ministry of Music and the Word, she is anointed to provoke an atmosphere of worship, where God's presence can be felt and realized; hearts opened to His Holy Spirit, and lives drawn to Him.

Under the Pastoral leadership of Rev. Marion and Dr. BJ Relefourd of Vision of Life Ministries, in Lawrenceville, GA where she has received her ordination as an Elder, Desireé serves on the Ministerial Staff.

Desireé has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and also an MBA. As the Executive Director of DHBonner Ministries, she has released two Sacred Music CD’s; "The Psalmist... Volume One" & "The Psalmist... Volume Two" and is currently working on the Third Volume! Her first Book entitled "The Heart of the Psalmist" was published in November of 2012 and she is now writing her second Book, “To the Wounded Warrior".

Desireé also produces a Video Segment entitled Kingdom Moments to highlight those working in the Kingdom as well as a Weekly snippet on Mondays to motivate others and encourage them to ‘Just Keep it Moving’!

Sharon Braxton

Sharon Braxton is a licensed Evangelist. She received her Associates Degree in Business and Office Technology from Albany Technical College in Albany, Georgia. She is also the Founder and CEO of S.W.P.A.D. (Sisters with Purpose and Destiny). This ministry is a non-profit Christian based organization with the mission to restore, revitalize, deliver and heal women from all walks of life. She also has a radio program on the praise network affiliated with SIBN, entitled, Life and Favor. Evangelist Braxton is also a Psalmist. Her CD entitled, “Awesome” was released in August of 2012. She currently resides in Greensboro, NC.